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CHD Legacy accepts inquiries for story submissions to share throughout the year!

You or your Child must be 18 years old and have a medical diagnosis of at least one proven Congenital Heart Defect.


1) Send brief Email to: Stephanie@CHDLegacy.com  Include in Email: First & Last name. Diagnosis. City / State.

2) You will then receive the guidelines for your story within 1 - 10 business days.

3) Write your story:  See Q & A section below for privacy concerns.

4) Editing process: I do light editing, yet keep it authentic to your voice, your style, and your culture. For example: If you are from a country outside of the US that has a different english writing style, I do not change the writing style to American English because I personally feel it takes away from who you are and CHD Legacy is about authenticity.

Appearing perfect, all put-together, and happy all of the time no matter what is not the "image" of CHD Legacy. Our image is being the real, messy, imperfect, humans that we are who make mistakes, fall down, get up (sometimes it takes awhile), and have been through hell and back, with the battle scars to prove it. YOU ARE WARRIORS who are on this page to leave your Legacy. And there is no legacy that has ever been left that is flawless. Your stories are other people's oxygen, lifeline, and sometimes even their last thread of hope.








Q & A

"But, I suck at writing, can I still submit my story?" 

Of course! If writing isn't your thing, we also do phone interviews and can work together to write the story you are proud of!
If you need help in any other ways, I will work with you. Many of us have learning disabilities due to repeated trauma to the brain by heart / lung machines and anesthesia. Please do not hesitate to ask if you do not understand something or need help!


"I don't want my real name out there, can I still submit my story?"

Yes! CHD Legacy always provides the option to remain Anonymous or use an Alias name for publishing to protect your privacy. The process of writing and publishing your story is very freeing and opens a space inside of us we may not have otherwise found. Writing comes from the subconscious mind and is a highly encouraged healing tool, and a personal favorite


However, writing is boring and difficult to some and you are NOT left out because of that! (I mean c'mon aren't we left out enough?) We want you to experience sharing your story whether you are a "good writer" or not and not have to worry about your name being exposed.

*All other questions are covered in a private e-mail with the Guidelines to write your story.


1st Generation Parents
First generation parents of complex and single ventricle congenital heart disease and defect survivors. They are the soldiers who taught us how to fight. Thank you.
Heart Caths & Warrior Blood
Heart catheterizations are a minor invasive procedure to check out hearts to see from the inside. It is comforting to be able to see a heart cath lab before you have a catherization to ease your mind. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
What to Tell A CHD Child...
Keeping the innocence. How much and what should I tell my baby or child with congenital heart disease or defect. Parents, advocates, and doctors can discuss this together as well. Stephanie Romer shares her thoughts on this.
CHD Brain & ADHD
CHD Brain damage comes out in many forms - Executive Functioning issues that can look like and be diagnosed as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Issues, and more...Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
34 yr old HLHS Survivor
HLHS warrior turns 34 years old. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Congenital heart disease survivor. Stephanie Romer's 34th Birthday - 2019.
Life with 5 CHD's
Stephanie Romer Living and loving life with five congenital heart defects. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Transposition of the great arteries, atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, mitral valve stenosis
Learning Disabilities & CHD
CHD and Learning disability...Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences and thoughts.
Illness or Drug Addict
Treated like a drug addict in the Emergency Room for being young with a chronic, invisible illness. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
Stress Tests
With CHD we have to go through constant testing. Stress tests is one of those. Living with Congenital Heart Disease and HLHS - Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome - makes it more difficult. Stephanie Romer writes about her experiences.
Oldest HLHS Survivor Making Waves
Stephanie Romer story by Project Heart living with half of a heart, twice the fight. Living with HLHS, TGA, ASD, VSD, MVS. Advice for parents and congenital heart disease and defect survivors, patients, doctors, cardiologist.
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