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The Other Side Of The Bed: A Patient Advocate

When a lifetime hospital patient becomes an Advocate...if you are blessed to have this person fighting for you...listen to them.

Aside from exercising my stellar Advocacy skills (which amp up when it's family), knowing exactly how to talk to different types of doctors and make my way around any hospital room-I found 2 positives of being on the other side of the crinkly, wheely bed:

1) Still Free Socks - and I got the only color I don't have..and yes, put them on because my feet were freezing and I was turning purple.

2) Free O2 test - I was bored...took my O2 when they were sleeping:

I am proud of myself and must admit -Every single doctor said their own variation of, "wow this girl knows what she's talking, what she said-so, listen to your family Advocate here because you are very lucky to have her." Or "wow are you a nurse? A doctor? Work in a hospital?" Or "Well those are excellent questions..." (gulp) ... some doctors get nervous when they meet someone who knows the ins and outs of what I call, "the hospital life."

Being a professional Patient, Patient and Family Advocate, Trauma Specialist, Coach and soon to be Author - I am pretty much an expert in hospitals by all of us who have grown up in hospitals are.

I know every beep and how to turn the machine off or if it's important to actually call a nurse, Through the years as an Advocate and Life Coach, I have been helping and Advocating for people from phones and the internet-even walking some family members or patients step-by-step through scary appointments, hospital stays or other medical situations. (I do stay on the phone with you or immediate availability through texting or zoom the entire time if that is part of your session or package!)

Sometimes I sit back and say WOW I am only 34 years old and have the life of an 80 year old...but the positive side of that is taking advantage of my youth to help everyone who never had a ME before.

I have built myself into everything I and my parents always wanted and needed- a living, breathing, speaking, writing, coaching, guiding resource for the Invisible Illness & Child Abuse Communities.

Stephanie Romer



Are you interested in receiving guidance and organizing your mind and life with a disability? Have you experienced a traumatic event or ongoing trauma, such as abuse, and want to begin your healing journey?

OR are you a Loved one of a person with health struggles or trauma needing support?

Please visit my Coaching Services @

*My goal as a Certified Empowerment, Health & Trauma Coach is to guide you into shifting your own perspective through various assignments: both challenging & fun!

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