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That Healthcare Hustle & COVID Mental Breakdown

Remember the mental & physical struggle of Healthcare Workers this year! As patients we can sometimes be...well, impatient. Keep in mind their extra struggle too. Yes it is absolutely hard enough being a patient of any illness or disability being sick, poked, test after test, etc. and usually we assume doctors and nurses hopefully enjoy their job. However, this year it has been much different. So, if and when you do have to go to the doctor or hospital, I can only hope we all have more empathy and patience for each other.

Although the ruthlessness of being a lifelong patient living that "hospital life" as I call it is extremely difficult on another level this year as well, I also cannot imagine the brutal days and nights Healthcare Workers have experienced in 2020! I truly feel for them and thank them for their relentless sacrifice everyday to keep people alive, and as well as possible.

For the Healthcare Workers who have had severe mental health struggles, mental breakdowns and physical health issues come up as a result of COVID working conditions - I FEEL FOR YOU and I have a LOT of respect for your sacrificial hustle! Yes, we know some or all of what may get you out of bed in the morning is or could be 100% money - and even if that is true, who cares because you deserve it. You still SHOW UP and you still put mental and physical effort in taking care of the weak, sick, mentally ill and addicts, and people who do have the control to get better yet want a quick fix instead.

My advice to Patients during the season of COVID:

Do your part in taking care of yourself to stay out of hospitals as much as possible! I know we can only do so much as lifelong patients and things happen unexpectedly, but definitely try to eat a little better, move more if you can, stay away from people for now, and take that extra step to keep yourself as healthy as possible to save hospital stays for COVID patients and emergencies we run into as chronic illness patients.

Remember: The patient-doctor relationship works both ways! We both deserve respect and have the power to help someone have a better day with extra patience, kind words, to replace a smile since we can't see them anymore! Ha ;P

Be aware during this time: The mental and physical health of Healthcare workers needs to be considered too. For example, in the video below:

"Australia’s healthcare workers have been put through the wringer this year, and there are concerns about the long-term impacts on their mental health. One Aussie doctor has stepped up to the plate, creating an app that provides specialised support for those on the frontline."

Stephanie Romer

HLHS, 1985

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