Meet Cedric

March 25, 2018 ·

I want to thank this kind man, an employee named Cedric at Bush Gardens Tampa, who stopped his hard work to talk to me while I was waiting outside for my food at Garden Gate Cafe because he made my day!

He had no idea he was talking to a girl with an invisible illness. Today was my first day in 3 weeks free from a 24-7 heart monitor and tests to determine if I will have a 4th heart surgery.

I am 32 years old and was born with half of a heart called Congenital Heart Disease in the form of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We stopped to get food because I was tired.

I was down on myself for having to sit down instead of keep walking like everyone else my age passing me by. I noticed how carefully and patiently this particular employee was cleaning underneath each and every table and making sure each chair is pushed in its place afterward. I smiled and said hello, he said hello back. After cleaning the table next to me, Cedric stopped to ask how I am doing. He truly brightened my day!

We talked about how our day was going, I told him it was my first time at Busch Gardens. He was excited to tell me what a great place it is and that he loves working there!

I asked to take a picture with him because he made my day and I want to make sure this message gets to his manager!

I asked if I could share our picture on Facebook and he lit up and said "that would be cool!"

Please help me pay it forward to him because I'd like to make his day too by posting this on Busch Garden's Facebook page!

Thank you Cedric for bringing such a beautiful light to my day, I hope I can make your day too! Please share!

Stephanie Romer

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