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Adulting with CHD Milestone: No Holter

April 2019 post: I rode the bike for an hour last night, woke up at 7am and started jogging around the house cleaning, now walking & jogging in the hot sun with jeans on lol. I always overdo it on purpose with my heart monitor on to see the results.

April 2020: Exactly one year later - I just realized it's been a full year since I've worn a heart monitor! My appts were cancelled but I am feeling great and told them I am totally fine with rescheduling for the summer or when the pandemic stuff is over! I don't think I have ever in my entire life went a full year without wearing a heart monitor!! This is kind of exciting and wanted to share my Adulting with CHD Milestone. Haha

HOWEVER...I am in NO WAY encouraging or supporting NOT going to appointments or skipping the option of doing a heart monitor! I am just pretty excited that for once in my life, it has been an entire YEAR where there was no reason to even wear the usual holter!

Make sure to keep up with you recommended tests!

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