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Heather Anderson: Single Ventricle, 1969

Meet Heather!

Please take a few moments to watch Heather's video as she shares her brief, yet powerful story.

This woman is a CHD Pioneer who was the first single ventricle patient to have the original Fontan procedure in 1980. She is a courageous advocate with relentless passion to pay it forward to the CHD Community.

Heather has dedicated her life for many years to helping CHD survivors, specifically teens and young adults, be comfortable in their own skin, learn how to love themselves, and be proud of who we are!

Learn more about Two Hearts and how your CHD Teen can benefit from the life saving work they do, especially if you are in the Denver, CO area.

In honor of her 50th birthday, please consider donating to her organization, Two Hearts!

To learn more about the 50th Anniversary of the Fontan operation, click here.

Heather Anderson, 50, First Fontan

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