Bullying Kills

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

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"The child was born with a medical defect that required him to undergo more than 26 surgeries and use a colostomy bag, his family said. Bullies reportedly often tormented him because of the smell from the condition. Seven Bridges’ mother said she returned from the grocery store Saturday morning to find the fifth-grader hanged himself at the family’s home in Louisville..."

People need to know about this precious boy and the delicate, short, life he lived as well as the detrimental pain of bullying.

Please teach your children to REPORT BULLYING!

Bullying, and watching it happen without saying anything, are two behaviors both learned in the home.

It is heart wrenching to read an innocent child with special needs killing himself because he had THAT many people in his life not speaking up, not protecting him, and not doing anything about bullying that we all know someone knew was going on.

This is not okay.

"Don't wait to see if the cyberbullying goes away.

Take immediate steps" - Webroot

Chronically ill children are exceptionally vulnerable to abuse and bullying. It is our job as a society, to PROTECT each other.

SPEAK UP for the voiceless.

FIGHT for those who cannot or are too afraid to.

REPORT behavior (child or adult!) that demeans and makes fun of people to build themselves up.

How to Report Bullying? Resources below.

Yes, we also all know that bullies themselves are broken, abused, and / or just copying the behavior from their home environment.

That is why it is up to US as a society, to help each other by calling each other out, telling each other these behaviors are NOT okay, and encourage a bully, and/or bully's parent to seek help. If nothing changes, file a police report so that it's at least there, on record. You never know how many others may be reporting that same parent or child.

You could literally save lives by simply speaking up & filing a report. (click for link)

Teach your children and fellow peers, no matter the age, to tell someone about these types of behaviors. Tell someone who will do something about it,

(not always a parent, teacher, pastor, cop, etc.).

Beautiful survivor and passionate advocate, Eleanor Brown (picture above),

also grew up with an ostomy bag.

"I didn't understand how my ostomy bag could improve my quality of life. There are a lot of misjudgments and misunderstandings in society surrounding ostomy bags."

Stories create awareness. Awareness creates change. Change saves lives!

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Resources: How To Report Bullying?


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Anonymous Bully Hotline

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