Adulting with CHD: Keeping up with your Tests!

Adulting with CHD: Keeping up with your Tests!

Testing the Trailblazers! With Congenital Heart Disease, no matter how many surgeries and repairs we have throughout our lives, it is essential to keep up with our regular tests and appointments! Some of these include blood tests, EKGs, ECHOs, Stress Tests, VO2 Tests, Heart Catherizations, Pacemaker check-ups, and more. Also, do not forget about your other organs that are affected such as our brain, stomach, kidneys, and liver. CHD is a Lifelong, congenital (born with), illness that we have from our first breath to our last. It is very important to keep up with our tests so we know the status of our health. *Side Note: If you're going through a phase where you stopped going to your doctor's appointments just like I did for a little while in my twenties, I highly encourage you to start going again. We are the Trailblazers of CHD and creating the statistics for the future Generations!* We have all had a lifetime of our least favorite phrase, "I dont know" and it is very frustrating. However, this is why it is important to take your health into your own hands while keeping up with your doctor's visits, tests, & procedures to figure out the best lifestyle for YOU as an individual. Please remember that doctors, advocates, and other resources are only half of the puzzle. You are the other half and it's up to you to put the pieces together at home by taking the necessary steps that will create the healthiest you.❤

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