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It's Time for Equality

Disability Equality blog by Stephanie Romer

Our system in America is the epitome of bullying the weak and using us for their gain.

And the general healthy person doesn't understand or sometimes even believe the DEPTH of the abuse our system does to the disabled community.

The reason civil rights movement, women's rights, gay rights, etc are passed and create change is because they are millions of HEALTHY people FIGHTING for their lives. Something the disabled community cannot do alone and must unfortunately rely on our family and friends to fight for us because we weren't given the body to fight like that to create change as fast as we need it. And THIS is one reason why they take advantage of us because we don't have the ENERGY and health to fight for ourselves.

This is why in 2018, the disabled community is STILL invisible, struggling, and needs to be the next civil rights movement. I have been saying this for years in hopes that healthy people will get angry and/ or passionate enough to HELP US stop this disgusting abuse against the disabled community.

Keep advocating, praying, and hoping that we will soon see the day where disabled people have EQUALITY and are not punished for not being physically able to work part or full time therefore have health care through work and live a "normal" life.

I'm not able to be there yet but when I am able to add more advocacy work to my CHD Advocacy work, I will never stop fighting for the disabled community as a whole with as much as my body will allow me to.

Just a quick blog post to teach this is much bigger than CHD, and other invisible illnesses. Our government denies people of ALL disabilities because we aren't strong enough to fight them the way healthy people can to get laws for THEIR rights passed.

However, with the increasing help of our family, friends, and amazing human beings who want to help us just because, WE HAVE EQUALITY IN OUR FUTURE! I just know it. <3

Thank you so much for making this video and fighting like hell to save your own life!!! This is what advocacy is all about and trust me I know how much it takes out of the mind and body fighting for everyone including yourself but this proves how much change can happen with them meeting just ONE disabled person.

Never give up hope! <3


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