College Notes with CHD

CHD & College, Testing, Learning Disabilities, Failing Tests, & being Misdiagnosed are just a few things I talk A LOT about as an advocate and writer and help people with as a life coach!

Check out my video and blogs below!

It's SO exciting (and hilarious!) to watch these now and see how FAR we have come with research and how much more I know now just after 3 years about myself and living with CHD as a whole!! #nevergiveuphope

Some days, like yesterday I spend 9-12 hours straight writing and it makes me really enjoy the days I read and research with real books instead of the computer. Some days its just nice to give your eyes and brain a break from the computer screen! .. As I update instagram & FB .. lol.. ;P

Would you like to know how to go to college for $50 instead of $50,000? .. buy the text books for whatever classes you want, take free classes online (youtube, webinars, local classes), and teach yourself everything you need to know for what you want to do! Lol. I've been doing this for years!

It definitely helps when you have a health condition that makes you miss 80% of the school year anyway lol.

Just a tip for anyone interested who may be struggling with being stuck in the hospital or at home a lot because of being weak, sick, tired. Please do NOT give up! You can still learn for free in the comfort of your own home or hospital bed at your OWN pace! You can also find affordable college classes online.

If college doesn't work for you, please don't give up because you cannot conform to the rules & regulations of a school who will punish you for not doing everything on a healthy persons timeline that was structured to fit the abilities of a young, healthy body.

I went to Ohio State for 3 years and community colleges and struggled so much, which I will go into more detail about in my book (coming in a few months).

When people live with chronic illnesses of any kind as college students, we are on a different timeline and cant always meet the expectations of a normal world.

Due to this, we MUST think outside of the box, get creative, and take a different path that takes a little longer than our peers who have a straight path with a healthy body who will reach their destination (degree, career, babies, marriage, etc).

If you are in college- Please do NOT be afraid to ask for extended time on tests and don't be too afraid to ask for help from the disabled students program at your college - they will help you so much!

Don't let CHD win! You are NOT out of options if you're stuck in bed or at home. Please take advantage of the information age we live in and design your best life that fits you!

Many CHDers get college degrees and are not able to have a career due to our bodies weakening as we get into our twenties and thirties. DO NOT LET THIS HOLD YOU DOWN!

Get that degree! OR Teach yourself everything you need to know at your own pace to create your own career that YOU can manage based on YOUR individual energy!

I hope my "college notes" can maybe help someone out there. I also encourage you to watch my YouTube videos about college to help you feel like you are not alone.