CHD Legacy is a Blog that was created to provide a platform for mental health education,

inspiration, and healing through Adult CHD Survivor's stories 

who pave the way for the CHD Community.

Our stories help: CHD adults, teens, children, parents, loved ones, the CHD medical community, and the public learn the reality of what CHD patients go through.


For the first time in history, Complex CHD patients are living into adulthood.

As cool as that sounds...this leaves CHD Adults in uncharted territories, with no answers.

As a result we are guinea pigs for experimental surgeries, tests, medications, and more - 

with our mental health being completely ignored...until now.

Meet First & Second Generation CHD Survivors & Pioneers

who are knocking down barriers and squashing statistics,  

while blindly teaching themselves, loved ones, doctors, and the public 

how they have created a life with little to no resources.

*I encourage you to also click on a story that doesn't have the CHD you can relate to,

to learn more about other CHD's and what survivors with various abilities go through. 

Read & Share the empowering stories of Adult Pioneers Paving the Way!



Congenital Heart Disease survivors are now living into adulthood ...

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Stephanie Romer, is one of the oldest living HLHS Survivors in history...